Saturday, October 22, 2011


Perhaps some of you have heard her name - Amanda Imani (twitter: @amandaimani ). Stalk her on her fanpage here !

She had released her album in 2009, and such a talented voice deserves further exposure, and here is two of her songs.

Thanks to an old buddy of mine - Ajai, that introduces me to Amanda Imani during my quick visit to the former studio - Wake The Baby in Taman Tun Dr Ismail of Kuala Lumpur, couple of days ago.

She deserves due recognition for her talent. Serious talent for serious listeners and those who values only the quality and not just facial advantage. While in her case, she has more to offer!!

Making Taylor Swift as her idol, it is not suprising to have her render her voice with the guidance of renowned composer - Ajai- and that, my dear readers, a complete package!

Here it is guys!

The English song is titled: I'm Free (Yeah) and when first shown to me, I was pleasantly surprised that we do have such a talented artiste.

And this, of her Malay number - Selamilah Cinta - the music video was shot in Indonesia.

Please comment and please be nice, will ya?

Cheers !!


azieazah said...

Ini ke budak yang pakai baju tali halus tak cukup kain tapi dia kata, “mana ada seksi!” tuh?

♛ LORD ZARA 札拉 ♛ said...

amboi kak azie. keh keh.

(komen kak azie buatkan aku laju2 buffer video ni)


AzeedA said...

saya percuma dan selamilah saya?? wow..
slm kenal bang hazrey :)

Rozy said...

muka cantik. suara bagus. pakaian (@##$%^&^**).. malaslah nak ckp, kang Hazrey kata aku tak 'be nice'.

norinaomar said...

cantik orangnya tapi..........
moga dia diberi petunjuk oleh ALLAH untuk berpenampilan lebih manis dipandang


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