Saturday, March 28, 2009


Old man’s bottle mishap leads to his death

A SINGAPOREAN died of heart failure after his penis became stuck in a soft drink bottle, reported Sin Chew Daily and China Press.

The incident happened

when the 77-year-old man used the bottle to masturbate.

China Press reported that the senior citizen got his private part into the bottle and only sought help after his penis could not be dislodged from the bottle despite trying various ways such as applying soap w


Doctors tried to alleviate the man’s suffering by cutting the bottle below the neck but to no avail because by that time, the skin around the penis had started to become inflamed, causing him to be unable to urinate.

His misadventure later led to other medical complications causing his death.

* * * * * *

WTF !!!

One will just wonder, sama dia guna botol seperti Coca Cola bottle ni. But can it fits? Haha, rofl.. rofl rofl..

Or this bottle could fit him too perhaps?

Finally, hopefully not this.. I know, I know.. it must be those "alaaaa comelnyerrrr" type.. kan kan..

Macam mana pun, my advice is: pergi buat medical check up if you really really need to do it, you know, taking things into your own hand..


gman said...

**poor ol' man

darah dah tercemar pasal tak dapat kencing, and lead to heart failure.

Well,it's time i guess someone introduce KY gel to ol' people...and desperados!

Benrauf said...

kasian orang tua ituh.

CAHAYA said...

omg omg! haha. pity the old man. I'm wondering which kinda bottle that he used. No pictures is it?

Desert Rose said...

Encik Hazrey,

Gila malu 18 keturunan dia ni, "cicit sapa tu,? oh tu atuk dia dulu mati tersepit", ha ha ha

I tak boleh cerna la kebangangan org tua ni, afterall ada ka 'l*b*ng besar mulut botol coke tu ??? Its every horny men fantasy kah???Pervert chehh.

-Ex Sugar Baby-

F A R Y N said...

tetiba aku teringat pilem bakal tiba, ANU DALAM BOTOL...hahahahaa

Hazrey said...

gman: no, he is not a poor ol' man. He is desperate. May his soul rest in peace. Not pieces, mind you.

Benrauf: yeah, kesian. Do you know that bottles are being recycled too?

CAHAYA: He has seen the light. :) No, tried to find which bottle tapi tak jumpa. Hopefully not the last bottle in this entry.

Desert Rose: Kah kah kah, i wanted to write that, tapi berhemah sikit sebab orang lain dah ganti PM. So, kenalah berhemah sikit. Tapi betullah kan, even cucu sedara pun rasa tempiasnya.

Faryn: You have just won the grand prize!! Waited someone to response as such. Your prize will be 3 days, 2 nights stay at the most luxurious Al_Burj hotel ..... parking lot. Keh keh keh

arep said...

hanya mampu tersenyum...

FLOY said...

orang tua ni tak pernah dengar pasal FleshLight ke?

rip old man..

atie said...

omg!desperado tul.hahahaha...buatla amal ibadat ke per ker instead of u noe..keh keh keh..kesian betulla,xsempat nak tobat..n i wonder too,which bottle he use ha? said...







he is soooooo fucked up

hahahahaha fuckin' idiot!

Hazrey said...

arep: yeah, teruskan senyuman anda. Anda juga boleh ketawa, jika ingin berbuat demikian.

FLOY: dia takder access internet.

belle: he is entitled to fuck a bottle. Anu Dalam Botol.

shahpaskal said...

77 tahun ada nafsu ya??? emm..what will become to me when i reach that age.

Bini pun dah 77, dah tak cun...ayooooo cannot think...

Superzac said...

i'll never look at bottles the same again...


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