Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 Kicks In With A Party - Sex Party That Is.

No, it was not in Johor Bahru.

* * * * *

Female newscaster among 26 nabbed at sex party

KUALA LUMPUR: Police arrested a female newscaster of a private television station and 25 others who took part in a sex party at a hotel room in Jalan P. Ramlee on Thursday.

Nine tested positive for drugs, said ASP Mahani Ahmad of the vice, gambling and secret society branch.

All those arrested during the 3.30am operation aged between 18 and 31 years, she said when contacted.

She said the police also found liquor and various drugs like ketamine, cocaine and syabu in the room on the 11th floor of the hotel.

A 20-year-old student of a private college in Kelana Jaya, believed to be the drugs supplier, was among those held.

During the raid, three couples were on the bed while the rest were entertaining themselves and believed to have been intoxicated, she said.

She said preliminary investigations showed the sex party was hosted by two men and those who attended it knew each other through Friendster, a social network in the internet.

Those arrested were taken to the Kuala Lumpur contingent police headquarters. Meanwhile, about 40 people were arrested for various offences during the new year's eve party in Bukit Bintang where several fights took place between drunken youths.

A number of people including foreign tourists also lost cash, passports and electronic gadgets to pickpockets and 10 police reports were lodged at the mobile police station deployed there. - Bernama

* * * * * *

Let's not make apa apa andaian dan kita kenalah sentiasa sangka baik. And please, don't ask me because that will be so unethical for me to say who it is. Ini ker sex party yang thestar online reported? Kata kat tepi pantai di Johor, macam aku post in earlier entry. Klik kat sini. Kenapa diaorang tukar venue tak beritau aku?

Did they wore g-string like what they reported in thestar?

"The second condition is that girls must wear only G-string panties and be prepared to take them off after midnight to usher in the new year." thestar online reports.

But, yang datang tu dikenali melalui friendster. I thought friendster tu teenage jek yang guna? Kita bukan generasi facebook ker?

Tapi bestlah kan, sebab this news is being picked up by NY Daily News. Cool kan.

The morale of the story is, KENAPA TAK AJAK AKU??????????? Why? Ermm.. patutlah dada aku berdebar debar semalam..


Your old friend from those JB days said...

Saudara, this is a different party, and maybe we need more info on this. The newscaster apparently is getting married in 2 weeks, and this is probably her hen night. So kesian dia... lets wait for more info :)

Ted Baker said...

haha u horny little fella!

Hazrey said...

Oii, pakailah nama pendek sikit, panjang sangat nak meng-address kau ni. Haha. Anyway, yup it was a different party. But morally if it is true, ia satu perkembangan yang tidak sihat. Manakala, if it is even her hen night, SHE SHOULD HAVE INVITED ME.. I can be a fireman you know. Haha, ok serious serious, ia tak eloklah.

I was with the guy who was being framed by someone yang iklankan number phone dia, isteri dia dan anak dia kononnya ketiga tiga mereka ini ialah organiser sex party di JB seperti dilaporkan The Star. Whole night last night, but we were not at any party.

Ted Baker: Normal man macam tu ahh kan. Terkilan aku. Very very the terkilan. How could they.. throwing a party, sex party without me? And how can they call it sex party and Im not there? Hahah.. ketawa ketawa.. cepat..

Ted Baker said...

Hahaha. Gosh, dont say that. Rasa macam satu benda yang pahit untuk di telan. takot gile.

ade blog tu satu hal, but what if the actually understands english?
arghhhhhhhhhhh! mati!! hahhaa

P/S - so it wont be a party la if u werent there.?
u kinky, u!

amat said...

It's time for another version of GUESS WHO'S GAY!

Hazrey said...

Ted, haha, give me their number and I will start one for them.

amat: Hahaha.. aku tak layak sebab aku bukan entertainment journalist / reporter / spin doctors. Let's leave that to them shall we.

azhan said...

i prefer to say, paid tv rather than private tv...why? teheheheheee

anyway, FIREMAN wtf? ahahaha...

Hazrey said...

I shall reserve my comment. Hahahahah

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