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Monday December 29, 2008

Party without undies planned


KUALA TERENGGANU: Under-wear off – that is one of the conditions for guys who want to attend a mega sex party on New Year’s Eve that is scheduled to be held in Johor Baru.

The second condition is that girls must wear only G-string panties and be prepared to take them off after midnight to usher in the new year.

It is learnt that invitations enclosed in New Year greeting cards are being distributed here. Upon opening the greeting card, there is a note with this statement: “Are you below 40? If you are, then browse this web address and you won’t regret it.”

On the website are three handphone numbers for those who want to attend the sex party to contact. The Star managed to get in touch with one of the contact persons and the woman who answered the call identified herself as Ida.

She claimed to be the organiser of the sex party and she expected 350 revellers to attend the event.

Ida then demanded a deposit of RM250 as entrance fee for each participant and the amount had to be banked into her account number.

“Are you a male? Don’t worry, we have 200-over women there for you, including those from Batam (Indonesia) but you must be prepared to go naked, you know,” she said. Ida said there were also several female students from colleges in Kuala Lumpur and Malacca who had confirmed their attendance.

“We need more males for the party. We are short of men. Don’t worry about partners, there will be plenty of them on that night,” she said. When asked about the venue of the party, Ida replied, “You bank in RM100 first, we will send all the details. The balance must be deposited before we confirm your name.

“We will prepare the liquor and accommodation but you have to pay separately for these, but they will cost only a nominal sum,” she said.

Ida also divulged that the party would be held at a secluded area fronting the beach and gave an assurance that there would be scouts stationed at all entry points to the venue to alert the revellers in case there is a raid.

“The party will go on all night long, and you are free to do whatever you wish to do,” she said. Ida also recommended that guys should bring along condoms.

“With HIV on the increase, the organiser can’t guarantee it will be AIDS-free, so it’s better to be safe,” she laughed. However, Ida suspected something amiss when more questions were posed to her.

“Are you from Special Branch?” she asked, before ending the call.

Attempts to contact the other numbers were futile.

In JOHOR BARU, Johor CID chief Senior Asst Comm (II) Amer Awal urged the public not to be involved in the party and said the organisers could be con men.

“Why would they demand money before they reveal the location? In the end, they will probably just run away with the money.

“We will be investigating the matter. The police will also inform the state religious department and the local council to be on the watch-out for any suspicious activities,” he said. He said those with information could contact the nearest police station or the police hotline at 07-221 2999.





Yup, aku dah buat siasatan aku sendiri dan rupa rupanya ia hanya satu kerja nak kenakan pemilik nombor telefon tu.

I was made to understand that, the owner of the handphone was actually being framed by his colleague. Two police reports were lodged several weeks ago. Will update here if I receive more information from the Johor police.

Anyway, damnit, aku dah prepare dah nak pergi.. hahahah.. girls must wear G-string and must take it off after the strike of midnight?? Damn damn damn.. that is the beauty of being in journalism. Especially when you are assigned to crime desk, you get the chance to see all this.. wahhhhhhh.. best best.. I know, I know, mannnnn.. yeah lah I am a normal man kan.. hahahah

Tapi takder pun.. now, I am really a disappointed man today, so please don't disturb me ok.

Please, go away. Dun want, i said I dun want.. go away..

p/s: the thought of posting a picture of g-string did crossed my dirty mind tapi memandangkan more babes are here, so better not lah.. hahahaha.. but you can always use your imagination kan.. wuhuuuu yuhuuu..


Anonymous said...

Apa kelas letak pix gstring, pix bogel kau lah. ada berani?

on the scene said...

sebona nya, stori tu rekaan je aku rasa, semata2 nak jadikan org pandang, Melayu ni memang tak guna, tak betul dan kuat sex.
Apahal tak letak nama Michelle ke, Johhny ke, Sandra ke.
hampeh la benda ni semua.
Dari ayat2 dlm stori tu pun dah tau mengarut

"Ida also divulged that the party would be held at a secluded area fronting the beach and gave an assurance that there would be scouts stationed at all entry points to the venue to alert the revellers in case there is a raid."

Cuba kau bagitau aku, kat mana tempat kat malaysia ni yg ada tempat macam tu yg betul2 privacy dan org luar tak tau?

cuba kau bagitau aku, mana org bodoh yg suka2 hati bagi no fon sedangkan, benda tu, sekejap je pihak berkuasa boleh detek, kat mana lokasi nombor tu sedang beroperasi.

Bagi aku, sebenarnya, iklan party tu sengaja direka, dan stori tu pun sengaja di buat sebegitu rupa utk mengelirukan org, danjadinya mangsanya, dan pandangan seorang, is org Melayu.
Kalua betullah ada party macm tu, bukan macam tu modus operandi nak buat.
ntahla, bagi aku, itu stori bangang, nak bagi laku sukarkhabar je tu. said...

ahaha... mmg dasar wartawan kabaret. miang ;P

Miss Taeyong said...

ala... xde ke??? g-string br beli ni nak pakai mse bila? (hahahaa... soklan bangang!)

nway, hepi new year! n pliz keep ur pants on. ;p

Hazrey said...

Anon: Boleh ker? Nanti aku letak eh, mesti ramai yang nak tengok kan.. wuhuu...

on the scene: Melayu boleh! :) But, bestlah kalau dapat cover kan.. hahah. Pastu pulak, ada golongan yang dah perut boroi pun join and wear g-string.. damn.. hahahah

you.are.belle: Kabaret tu apa?

Miss Taeyong: Alah ko pakai jek bila bila, bukan ada orang tahu pun.. kan kan kan. I always DO KEEP MY PANTS ON. Yea, percayalah. Betullah.. iya..

aimedidie said...

hazrey - aku rasa ada satu tips nak bagi supaya minah - minah yang sibuk nak pakai g - string ni serik nak pakai menatang tu lagi. senang je. tarik string dia kat belakang kuat - kuat lepas tu lepas kan. hehehehehehe. confirm menyesal dan nak cari seluar boxer pulak. hehehehehehe

Hazrey said...

Ishh.. pepagi cerita benda tak baik. Dosalah.


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